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Service Goal
0 after-sale service, 100% satisfaction

Service Commitment

Satisfactory customization
Reassuring quality
Safe usage
Easy maintenance

Ritar International Group is a company listed on the US NASDAQ. It’s a manufacturing enterprise that specializes in the R&D, production, and sale of environment-friendly valve-regulated sealed lead acid batteries. Through years of development, Ritar Power has realized the aggregation of the industrial chain and established the Ritar Research Center, boasting large batches of specialized battery researchers and technical teams. Ritar is dedicated to providing specialized power solutions to its customers and to providing energy-saving green products to the society. In view of Ritar’s advantages and the development trend of the industry, Ritar Group has proposed the service philosophy of satisfactory customization, reassuring quality, safe usage, easy maintenance, and eco-friendliness. This is aimed at providing customers with comprehensive timely services. Meanwhile, Ritar pursues the goal of “quality 0 after-sale service”, which means that if we provide great quality, we can free consumers from the trouble of seeking repair. Besides “quality 0 after-sale service”, Ritar is also committed to “service 100%”. These two concepts go hand in hand and are mutually inclusive. The commitment to quality and the pursuit of value through service reflect Ritar’s elaborate and meticulous style.
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