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SG Series

Smart Solar Generator--SG 12V series



As a smart solution for home lighting system, solar generator unit provides a portable sort for DC LED bulb, DC fans and other home electrical devices; Its advanced DSP controller prolongs the battery cycle life and back-up time; The system energy could be rechargeable by solar panel.


● 3W,5W,7W DC LED home lighting bulbs(with cables) optional.

● Dual 5Vdc USB sort for electrical device charging(Mobile...).

● 12V5A sort is reserved for large capacity app(DC fans, DC TV...).

● Over charge/Discharge Protection; Real-time capacity indicator.

● Auto dormancy function to prolong battery cycle life.

● No installation work; DC sorts directly connect, plug-in design.


Basic topology reference of SG Series





Integrated with dual 5VDC USB for mobile charge and 12VDC sorts for LED home Lighting (3W,5W,7W).
Energy storage 1200-2400Wh, long backup time for home application.
Over charging/discharging protection, and alarm to prolong cycle life (LED flash).
Real time battery capacity indicate and check.
Zero installation work, plug-in design.
The system is rechargeable by both Solar power and AC charger.



DC LED lighting or outdoor lighting system;
Mobile phone charging or electrical device charging;
DC fans and DC TV...;
Home DC application where the grid is not available











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